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This is a New Year call for great designers who want to join the johnson banks team – a flurry of new work, interest and ongoing big projects means we need some help as we start the year.

There are two types of designer we’re looking for: we need a great junior designer on a permanent basis. And we need experienced freelance designers, as soon as possible.

Junior designer

We have a space for a bright spark in our creative department, to start as soon as possible.

You should have:

These are the key skills we’re looking for:

You’ll be part of the team working directly with our Creative Director, Michael Johnson. Whilst there may be the odd design audit here and there, or helping out more senior designers, we’ll be aiming to train you up as a fully-functioning, thinking-on-your-feet, problem-solving, award-winning designer as soon as possible.

A note about salaries

We pay as close as we can to the going rate and permanent staff get all the appropriate holidays.
On account of our client base, we can’t always pay top dollar, but we’ll do our best to be fair. If we have a good year there are bonuses.

How to apply

Compose a short pdf (that’s under 10 megs) of up to a dozen pages containing:

Make sure you follow these instructions or your application may not find its way to the right person.

Freelance designers

A glut of projects means we need freelance designers, ready to start as soon as possible.

You should have:

You’ll be working day to day with the design team, project manager and our Creative Director, Michael Johnson. But you’ll be given quite a bit of freedom to develop ideas and thoughts independently.

How to apply

Compose a short pdf (that’s under 10 megs) of up to a dozen pages containing:

Make sure you follow these instructions or your application may not find its way to the right person.

A note about the application process

Each time we do this we receive hundreds of applications. So the short pdf thing? It’s to to make our lives easier, edit quicker, and get back to you sooner. If you can’t be bothered with that, and send us a 92 page interactive pdf or a dropbox link with three passwords we may not have time to read it, download and decrypt it.

The cut-off date for applications is 23:59 GMT, Monday 23rd January.

The best applicants per job will be contacted asap about the next steps – this may be a second round of pdfs – or, ideally, we’ll go straight to interviews which we’d like to start in January. We’ll try to reply to everyone, but if you haven’t heard back by mid-February, you won’t have been shortlisted. Sorry.

We’re looking for people to start asap. We will, of course, treat your application in the strictest of confidence. You don’t need to call us. We, as they say, will call you. No recruitment agencies please.

Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing your stuff.

About johnson banks

We have been around for nearly twenty-five years and work predominantly on major branding projects. Even though there are rarely more than a dozen of us, we work on large scale projects all over the world from our base in London. We strongly believe that design can make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives and concentrate mainly in the educational, philanthropic, not-for-profit and cultural sectors.

If there were a handful of projects that summed us up they would be these, for global thought-leader Acumen, for London’s famous Science Museum, our ongoing project with the University of Cambridge or our global re-brand of Action Against Hunger. In 2016 we began the world’s first truly ‘open’ re-brand, for the Internet legend Mozilla, and will be rolling it out in 2017. We still do the occasional big blue-chip too, such as our rebrand of Virgin Atlantic.

We define and design brand identities and campaigns all the way from beginning to end – from the research stage, through strategy and brand narrative, then on to design and implementation. We balance the verbal and visual sides of our work on a daily basis. Our Creative Director Michael Johnson has recently recorded this process in the best-selling book ‘Branding: In Five and a Half Steps’ (Thames and Hudson 2016).

We try as hard as we can to make every single project as unique and differentiating as it can possibly be – and whilst winning bits of wood and metal never drives our projects, we’ve a shelf full of yellow pencils and impact awards, if that’s your thing. We think what sets us apart is the thought that goes into every project, and the determination that follows to find the best idea.

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