Shoe-maker to the stars

Our link to Rupert Sanderson goes back to the days before he became a designer. He was was simply a colleague and friend in the the design and advertising industries – who always had a thing about shoes.

Eventually he put his advertising career on hold to take up a place at the world-famous Cordwainers Shoe Collge (now part of UAL). After stints at Sergio Rossi and Bruno Magli, Sanderson took the plunge at the turn of the century to begin making shoes himself. Nearly two decades later, they are sold in over 160 department and specialist stores across the world, including four of his own shops.

Rupert’s brief for a logo was an unusual one: as his shoes were completely hand crafted, he wanted a sense of that in his logo, plus a timeless feel. We looked at various styles and sources, but one stood out – a Polish baker in Swiss Cottage, London called Grodzinski, who had a particularly odd, but beautiful sign. We chanelled all of these thoughts into Sanderson’s logo, with all its ‘wrong’ weights and quirky details.

Little did we know that it would become one of our most unusual, yet most durable designs, reproduced on signs, shoeboxes and bags worldwide.

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