Mozilla in Computer Arts Magazine

There’s an extensive write-up and review of our Mozilla project in this month’s Computer Arts magazine, involving in-depth commentary from Mozilla’s Creative Director, Tim Murray, and johnson banks’ Michael Johnson.

Here’s some choice quotes from Murray:

‘We were surprised at the number of people who thought that Mozilla and Firefox were the same thing. It reinforced our resolve to clarify that Mozilla is the champion for a healthy Internet, distinguishing it from Firefox, our open source browser. Ultimately I think we struck the right balance by crowd-sourcing the feedback without turning over the design reins or resorting to a vote.’

‘We’re really happy with the outcome on many levels. We ended up with a brand identity that’s right for Mozilla, reinforcing our purpose and personality and attracting new people to our mission and brand. We’ve proven that our Mozilla values of transparency and participation can be applied to a new area – branding and design – with a positive outcome. And we’ve made new friends and followers along the way.’

And here’s Johnson, talking about the final route:

‘We were determined to make it much more than just the :// idea. The more we thought about it, the more we realised that the ‘moz://a’ could start a sentence, and that words and pictures could flow after that, much like the contents of a browser bar, and much like the Internet itself. The scheme started to take on the vibrancy we had been looking for all along, and after a little bit of tweaking, the client team agreed.’

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