In transit

For about a year and a half I’ve been trying to capture the odd process of travelling with my camera. What’s interesting is how people cope with being stuck on a train or platform for any length of time, the dependence we all seem to have developed on our mobiles and the odd zombie-like trance that seems to be the default setting.
Unless it’s Christmas and you can take over a carriage. Or it’s India and you just jump on your bike. Or whether you can just plug in, clutch your red handbag and lose yourself in music.

Tokyo Metro 2016

Tokyo Metro 2015

Victoria Line,London 2017

Northern line, London 2017

Rajasthan India 2016

British Rail, London 2016

Kyoto walking 2015

Kyoto cab journey 2015

Kennington, London 2017

Northern line, London 2017

British Rail 2016

Victoria Line, London 2016

Jaipur, India 2016

Northern Line, London 2016

The Strand, London 2017

Waterloo, London 2017

All photos by Michael Johnson. Right-click images to view larger versions.

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